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Seminars are free for retailers who register to attend LA Fashion Market. RSVP and you will also be pre-registered for Market if you are a qualified retailer. Click HERE for qualifying Retailer Registration policies.

Seminar Lounge // Penthouse on 13B

Seminars now take place in the CMC's Penthouse, 13th floor B-wing, same floor as TRANSIT Footwear & Accessories Show and ALT Athleisure & Lifestyle Showcase.

To RSVP, please click HERE.

*Note: Market at the CMC is open strictly to wholesale Buyers & Press. Visitors to the CMC during Market are required to register in the CMC's Main Lobby for access to Seminars, Showrooms & Tradeshows.


Mon, Oct 9 | 9:45a-10:45a

This seminar takes a look at the consumer trends for 2018 and what you need to know to prepare for a successful selling year. Syama Meagher is the founder and CEO of Scaling Retail, a retail strategy and creative agency based in NYC and LA. Her firm works with brands to integrate innovative sales, marketing and merchandising strategies. Global clients include: United Nations, LZL, and Sugarhigh Lovestoned.

Presented by: Syama Meagher, Scaling Retail



Mon, Oct 9 | 11a-12p

This presentation reviews essential women's and young contemporary trends buyers need to know for Spring/Summer 18. It will include Fashion Snoops' acclaimed mood movies to set the tone for the season. Thematic expressions, colors, key items, materials, patterns, and details will be featured.

Presented by: Melissa Moylan, Fashion Snoops



Mon, Oct 9 | 1:30p-2:30p

The old saying that “Cash is King” couldn’t be truer than it is today. Join Paul Erickson as he goes through a step by step process on how to improve your cash flow and increase top line sales. While we all think we are familiar with the basics of inventory management, do we see all of the connections between SKUs and financial analysis? Starting with the basics, Paul will share alternative concepts, techniques, and formulas to improve inventory turnover, cash flow, revenue growth and gross margin. The presentation teaches from experience – not theory. Learn specific techniques to control your inventory, increase your margins, improve your stock sell through and start making more money now.

Presented by: Paul Erickson, RMSA Retail Solutions



Tue, Oct 10 | 9:45a-10:45a

Consumers want the best deal possible whether they need the item or not. Getting to the best price is winning in their minds.   But the right price is not always the lowest price. Join Paul on a fascinating journey as we explore the psychology of price from   the retailer and consumer's point of you and then learn what to do about it. Learn the tactics you will need to deploy to maintain   your competitive position with an eye - or two - on your long term profits.

Presented by: Paul Erickson, RMSA Retail Solutions




Tue, Oct 10 | 11a-12p

Learn the latest social media trends, from launch to execution. We'll dive into must-have social media tools and cover the ins and outs of what it takes to have a successful social media strategy.

Presented by: Ali Grant, Be Social




Tue, Oct 10 | 1p-2p

Ali Grant, founder of Be Social, will be taking a deep dive into modern influencer marketing tactics with an expert panel of bloggers, podcasters, and entrepreneurs. The panel will provide insight on influencer relations straight from the source with topics ranging from approaching influencers to choosing the most organic fit for your campaign. The panel includes entrepreneur and blogger Kaitlynn Carter, podcaster and actress Becca Tobin, blogger Sophie Elkus, blogger Everyday Pursuits, and entrepreneur and celebrity designer Ben Yang.

Presented by: Kaitlynn Carter, Hey, Miss Carter; Ben Baller, IF & Co.; Becca Tobin, The Lady Gang; Ashley Torres, Everyday Pursuits; and Sophie Elkus, Angel Food Style
Moderated by: Ali Grant, Be Social




Wed, Oct 11 | 11a-12p

Not every retailer is suffering in this economy. There are many that are actually very profitable and have great cash flow. In this economy, now is the time to get a competitive edge and increase market share. Discover the industry secrets that successful retailers know, and learn how to implement these changes into your business to find better cash flow, better profitability, and more fun at your stores.

Presented by: Dan Jablons, Retail Smart Guys