California Market Center

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The following are key CMC Showroom areas collectively representing over 1,200 individual brands for Women, Men, Kids, Home & Lifestyle.
Click on each category for a Directory listing of individual Showrooms and the brands each represents.
3A Better & Updated Women's Collections | Apparel, Accessories & Intimate Apparel + Market Temps
4A Men's
4B AREA 4 | Men's & Women's Contemporary & Lifestyle Collections
4C Young Men's Streetwear & Lifestyle Apparel
5A NEW! Women's Contemporary Collective
5B Women's Contemporary, Young Contemporary & Better
LA KIDS MARKET Showrooms | All things Kids & Maternity
Juniors & Young Contemporary (open by appointment)
9C Home Décor & Lifestyle Products (open by appointment)
10A Women's Accessories
12A Juniors & Young Contemporary (open by appointment)


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